Nexplanon: ARMOR up

While different milestones in a woman's life can impact contraception method choice, 'the pill' is usually the first and most often-used method. The pill has a 61% share of the category and a loyal following among women who view it as convenient to use and need everyday affirmation of birth control. Our challenge: First, identify a distinct segment of the child-bearing population who are interested in a longer-term form of birth control and develop a successful DTC campaign to: 1) reach and build brand awareness among this appropriate patient population making Nexplanon more 'top of mind' among healthcare practitioners (HCPs) 2) help overcome existing misconceptions about the product form, and 3) tap into peer relationships that are important to this population. The choices we made, from using linguistics experts and a well-thought out segmentation study to identify a population segment that were interested in a longer-term form of birth control like Nexplanon, to using a unique 'building blocks' research approach to positioning and concept development, resulted in a campaign (ARMOR up) that passed every action standard set during testing and has built Nexplanon awareness to an all-time high.

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