MiO Liquid Water Enhancer: MiO Squirt Some

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Executive summary:

Kraft, a leader in the powdered beverage category in Canada, had witnessed stagnant category and brand performance in recent years. To fuel growth, Kraft introduced a game changing innovative, MiO Liquid water enhancer, targeting an untraditional consumer- the Millennial male. Kraft and its research partners collaborated to develop a concise strategy and engaging consumer bundle to bring MiO to market. The process involved several phases of research, to support both launch of a new product and the new liquid category. The end result was an extremely engaging, successful marketing campaign. MiO launch has exceeded all key business metrics for Kraft Canada.

Business situation and campaign objectives:

The Powdered Beverage Category had witnessed stagnant category performance over the past few years, driven by a lack of relevance and negative perceptions towards the 'powder' format. A radical change was needed to return to growth and bring in new category users.