Marketing challenge: Develop a local McDonald's breakfast campaign for four diverse regional territories (Co-ops) by uncovering hyperlocal consumer insights, while living under a national positioning of "making the morning routine a little bit better".

Methodology: DevelopedFABRIC (Food And Beverage Regional Information Channel), a comprehensive research tool consisting of syndicated, public, social and digital ZIP code level data, paired with a mobile panel that was geo-fenced/time-fenced to reach morning breakfast McDonald's consumers.

Insights: Using FABRIC, we uncovered, shared and disseminated distinct insights into key drivers of breakfast by Co-op and for Hispanic consumers, resulting in a brief tailored to the Co-ops overall but also enabling Co-op-specific execution.

Creative: Local Radio, OOH and TV for each Co-op from one master shoot paired with green-screen technology to incorporate local insights, language, copy, visual cues and menu items.