Lowe's #HyperMade: Re-invent "how to" at millennial speed


Lowe's Home Improvement wanted to create a greater connection with new Millennial homeowners. Looking at quantitative tracking data and qualitative in-depth videos conducted online, we realized that to engage Millennials with the Lowe's brand, we needed to give them relevant content on their terms. So we reinvented a staple of the DIY-world— the How To Video. Using Instagram and time-lapse video, we created a new kind of How-To video aimed at Millennials in snackable, sharable social videos for the Instagram Set. This "HyperMade" series inspires Millennial DIY-ers to take on simple and fun DIY projects. With a tiny media budget, we saw 322% increase in engagement among Millennials, making this scrappy campaign one of the best performing campaigns the brand has ever done to reach Millennials.

Marketing Challenge

As Boomers are aging out of home improvement, we need Millennials to fall in love with the Lowe's brand. This is the challenge we faced: How do we present Lowe's in a unique way that will grab the attention and interest of a new wave of consumers in a largely undifferentiated market?