What was the irrefutable consumer insight?

For the remaining uninsured, health insurance is for ‘someday and someone else’ but they worry about ‘today and me’.

Describe the marketing challenge.

Covered California has been held up as an example of what the Affordable Care Act can achieve and the state recorded some of the nation’s most dramatic gains in health coverage under Obamacare. Between 2013 and 2015, the share of working-age adults in California without coverage plummeted from 23.7% to 11.1%, according to federal data, making California one of only six states that have reduced the uninsured rate by ten percentage points or more. However, this success means that every open enrollment period, we need to motivate a smaller pool of people who are increasingly resistant to purchasing health coverage.

In early 2016, the State was unsure if the remaining pool of uninsured could be persuaded to enroll for health insurance using the same strategy as had been used in prior enrollment campaigns. As the nation’s most populous and diverse state, California has large populations of different ethnic and socio-economic groups, with differing informational needs and who respond to advertising in differing ways.