Many smokers want to quit but view asking for help as a sign of weakness. CHANTIX®(varenicline) wanted to inspire these frustrated smokers to quit. We leveraged celebrity Ray Liotta's star power to drive CHANTIX®consideration among smokers and HCPs. Moments of honesty and insight gave new hope to struggling smokers. CHANTIX®TRx growth significantly accelerated post launch at +12% and key brand health metrics reached their highest point ever recorded.

Consumer Insight

Pfizer market research provided the insight that many smokers who want to quit think it's a sign of weakness to reach out for help.

Marketing Challenge

Smoking is the leading cause of preventable disease and death in the U.S. Yet 34 million American adults still smoke cigarettes.Seventy percent of smokers want to quit but they often believe that they should be able to quit on their own.Smokers can make up to eleven quit attempts in their life, often resulting in relapse. With every failed attempt they doubt their ability to quit, leaving them feeling frustrated and demoralized.2