Marketing Challenge: How to champion Budweiser's dream of bringing people together while energizing and inspiring football fans watching the World Cup.

Methodology: Qualitative research leveraging in-depth interviews, ethnographies, focus groups, online communities.

Quantitative research to understand conscious and nonconscious reactions to creative assets

Software Intelligence to understand video consumption

Creative: Creative videos rolled out across the world on TV and Digital platforms. In addition, noise-activated light-up cups were distributed in all World Cup stadiums. Finally, strong activations occurred on Twitter and other platforms driving the #reactionchallenge

Business Impact: Budweiser became the most discussed brand during the event, beating out Adidas, Coca-Cola, Nike and Apple. In addition, brand awareness was increased and sales went up 4.1% globally

Consumer Insight

World Cup insight: "The world cup is four extra-ordinary weeks, you can feel the extra energy in the air, people feel more excited and more free to have fun."

Marketing Challenge