Marketing Challenge: As Budweiser has grown from a family-owned, domestic company to an international conglomerate, it struggled to maintain its identity as a high-quality brand rooted in America. To reverse the growing perception that it was "too big to be good", Budweiser wanted to reconnect and engage Americans with a relevant message around pride while also highlighting their quality credentials. Knowing that Americans needed to hear a powerful message of unity, Budweiser created a communication strategy to raise awareness for an existing philanthropic program tied to recent, local disasters.

Methodology: ABI partnered with Ipsos to receive guidance—generated through a mix of quantitative and qualitative research, blending online/offline and system one/system two techniques—during the entire communication development lifecycle. We helped unearth the most compelling manifesto at an early stage, and then helped select and fine-tune the best ad during the validation stage before going on air.