In advertising, the ultimate goal is to reach consumers with a message that both stands out while also resonating so deeply that the brand is recalled long after exposure (Lehnert, Till, & Carlson, 2013). Thousands of brands, new and old, compete daily for the attention of consumers through all forms of media. "How many times can I send the same message and still obtain a profitable return?" This is one of the most frequently asked questions in advertising planning and relates to the issue of wearout.

A major manufacturer reviewed thousands of econometric analyses, concluding there was no evidence of wear-out in any of the campaigns it had run around the world (Binet & Carter, 2012). It may be more accurate to think of the consumer's response wearing out, rather than the ad itself!

Ultimately the judgement will be one that assesses the opportunity cost: Will a new ad, with a potentially refreshed (or new) message, be more effective than an existing ad, and will that increased effectiveness justify the cost of creating that ad?