State of the problem

Though described by some as a "murky media supply system" riddled with fraud, abuse and inaccuracy, programmatic display is estimated to hit another plateau in media investment this year (over $30 billion). Programmatic sells itself on efficiency, but can it prove itself to be accountable? The industry is seeking reliable new methods to affirm the accuracy of programmatic buys, including methods for validating identities, targeting segments accurately, filtering invalid traffic, eliminating fraud, and reducing the opacity and cost of the ad tech supply chain.

Over the last few years, verification has emerged as one of the biggest themes of the year in ad tech. Brands, agencies and media providers took advantage of an opportunity to work with increased data transparency and accountability. Many topics, articles and industry studies were conducted to better understand the biggest pain points and how to best address them. Brands were very vocal and marketers were very specific about their challenges claiming, among other problems, difficulty of working with location data – more specifically, inaccuracy of location targeted media that resulted in ineffective advertising and billions of wasted ad dollars. For instance, in October 2017, Factual and Adage found in a survey that over 80% of marketers are concerned about location data quality.