Social media analytics: Facebook brand pages

Preriit Souda

Let me guess. You either took a leap of faith in spending time on my paper given the pompous abstract you read or your boss heard about this stuff and being boss has asked you to burn your eyes to fill this knowledge in your over exhausted mind and then vomit it before a host of un-interested colleagues. No matter in which category you fall into, your journey through this paper will at least show you some colorful pictures that you can print and hang on your wall!!...

Enough of ink wastage! Coming to the point, in this paper I will be talking about analyzing facebook (FB) brand pages using network analytics and text mining. If your face has turned timid worrying if I am now going to spit out some difficult mathematical stuff, you worry not. One I don't know those either but more importantly this paper is meant to give overview of these things and their usefulness from a marketing standpoint.