Executive Summary: Mapping the Path for the Right Nudge

The increasing role of mobile and digital along the path to purchase has made it extremely difficult for marketers to deliver the right message to the right person at the right place and time. So much of the discovery and decision is happening outside of the store—at home or on the way to the store—and there are many different channels through which consumers can get information and learn about and purchase products. By connecting location and purchase data, marketers are able to guide the consumer along the path to purchase, engaging selectively to influence without overburdening.

An Understanding of Past Purchase Behavior Empowers Marketers to Anticipate and Adapt in a Rapidly Changing Environment

It has almost become cliché to assert that the consumer journey is becoming more complex. But those who listen to consumer data signals know that it still is. Although 93 percent of most purchases still occur in a brick-and-mortar location, 76 percent of purchases are researched online (outside the store) before buying. The purchasing path is being muddled with online and offline interplay, and between many different channels and touchpoints. Though this inter-relationship has spawned new behaviors, past purchase behaviors remain a critical foundation for marketers looking to anticipate and adapt in a rapidly changing marketplace.