The media landscape has rapidly evolved over the past 5 years. An explosion in content channels and platforms has driven broadcast media to innovate with new products and services. These innovations range from narrower audience targeting to using Al to align programming content with advertising products. Broadcast companies who've embraced innovation are now reaping the rewards. Key innovations that have met with particular success over the past few upfront seasons are programs with reduced ad loads and ad pods with fewer ads.

The changing media landscape, and the claims and pricing tied to these new media offerings, beg the question, "Are these new broadcast media products worth it for all ads?" To address this question, Ameritest conducted an independent research study to evaluate the new media offering most visible to TV viewers, premium pods (ad pods that are 60-seconds or less).

We simulated a real-world viewing experience that could be accessed online by study participants. We selected an episode from a popular sit-com, "Young Sheldon," and embedded a total of seven ads in two commercial breaks during the show: one 2-ad pod after the title sequence and one 5-ad pod later in the episode. The two ad pods included four test positions: Position 1 was first in the premium pod, Position 2 was second in the premium pod, Position 3 was first in the standard pod, and Position 4 was the third ad in the standard pod. Four test ads (Target, Whirlpool, DirecTV, and Pace Picante Sauce) were rotated in the test positions and 3 clutter ads remained in the second, fourth, and fifth spots in the standard pod.