Mobile analytics: What, where and how to measure media effectiveness - Maximizing mobile in the programmatic paradigm

Kajal Mukhopadhyay


Mobile is a ubiquitous device, allows us to communicate, interact, transact, consume contents and serves as our personal assistants. People are spending more and more time with their devices, taking attention away from the conventional media channels, including but not limited some of the standard digital channels.

Delivering targeted advertisement on a mobile device is a work in progress, and there are plenty of technical hurdles to overcome even before advertisers can plan such an endeavor. Our key challenge is to find a way to measure ad effectiveness, when and how users interact with captive ads on their mobile devices.

I ran an experiment delivering mobile ads at specific times when a corresponding brand advertising was running on TV. The expectation was that brand engagement would be higher due to the simultaneity of the media exposure having some amplification effects. I use a pseudo-randomized design to tease out the behavioral and media effects.