Measuring Traditional Media Audiences Through Digital Data

Ori Stitelman, Blake Aber, Brian Dalessandro and Lauren Moores


In this age of digital advertising, traditional media channels such as outdoor home (OOH), radio and TV tend to be ignored in the digital measurement discussion. Historically, traditional media has relied on sources such as diaries, demographics, surveys and ethnographies for intelligence. For out-of-home (OOH), similar to the original measurement of in-store visits, OOH media providers have relied on human counters or gross approximations of audience based on geographical areas.

Location signals derived from our mobile devices are the key to bringing traditional media measurement into the digital age. We have started to achieve that with in-store measurement, where the power of location has already proven to be an effective barometer for both desktop and mobile campaigns. Now, a similar application of location signals has the power to provide digital insights and audience optimization to offline media channels such as out-of-home (OOH) and terrestrial radio.