State of The Industry

Data quality is rapidly becoming one of the key trends in the advertising industry in 2019.

Over the last few years, the advertising and media community has made a significant effort to establish new standards for measuring and tracking media quality, invalid traffic (IVT), viewability and brand safety, and has made headway in improving industry benchmarks in each of these categories. Integral Ad Science, for example, recently reported major improvements in viewability, brand safety, and other metrics from 2015 to 2018[l] (as shown in Chart A below).

Chart A

The efforts around media transparency are now transposing to data quality. New programs and partnerships focused on creating standards to expose quality issues and drive improvements in data products have been formed across the industry. For example, IAB with ANA/DMA, CIMM and the ARF aimed to develop a Data Labeling standard, which acts like a "'nutritional label' equivalent for audience segment data sets that discloses source, collection, segmentation criteria, recency and cleansing specifics." This initiative is about helping buyers with centralized and governed disclosures about data products and asking sellers for more information about their data offerings.[2]