From customer loyalty to social advocacy: Leveraging loyalty data and shopper insights to optimize social media engagement and drive in-store sales

Matthew Keylock and Malcolm Faulds
dunnhumby and BzzAgent


Shopper marketing has become the fastest growing segment in marketing, but insights from these programs are often ignored when it comes to marketing in social media. Social media has a strong influence on consumer purchase decisions, but for many marketers, customers are anonymous online. Social media conversations aren't connected to in-store purchase activities and loyal customers with the potential to be persuasive advocates are not recognized or engaged in a personal way.

Brand advocates – customers who recommend specific brands to their peers – are a valuable resource for marketers. The detailed product reviews and recommendations they create and share across Facebook, Twitter, blogs, YouTube, Amazon and various review sites influence the purchase decisions of many other consumers. One national retailer estimates that a 10% increase in advocacy can represent billions in untapped revenue.