This study on voice command gives insight into the most buzzworthy devices of this past holiday season – the Amazon Echo and the Google Home – but also puts the use of those devices into context by also exploring other devices that consumers control by voice command. As consumers become more and more comfortable with this type of audio interface, it will open up new opportunities for marketers as well as present threats to long-held consumer habits like TV remote controls or visual searches for products, information, or media content.

Our paper discusses the highlights of this study, which should be of interest to any media stakeholder who wishes to better understand the implications of voice command and consumer behavior.


GfK and its predecessor companies have undertaken a series of studies over the past two decades about emerging media devices and services, and their impact on consumer and audience habits. Through these studies, our clients can understand these emerging media options – in context and without the hype often seen in press reports – and make better decisions on short-term tactics and longer term strategies.