Campaign details

Brand: Yorkshire Tea
Client: Bettys and Taylors of Harrogate
Agency: Goodstuff Communications / Lucky Generals


This is a story about how developing a creative strategy is like a lot like making a mug of tea.

Yorkshire Tea make a better brew because they 'Do things proper'. They source only the best leaves, taste a 1000 cups a day and generally go the extra mile wherever a bigger brand might cut corners.

But we recognised that such detailed production stories wouldn't break through to unengaged, habitual tea drinkers who were buying the same brand week after week on autopilot.

So we decided to dramatise the fact that Yorkshire do everything proper, even tasks that have nothing to do with making their tea.

To prove this, we hired some of Yorkshire's most famously talented celebrities to do menial jobs around the Yorkshire Tea factory. The Gold Medal winning Brownlee Brothers were taken on as couriers, Sir Michael Parkinson became head of interviews and The Kaiser Chiefs performed Yorkshire's hold music live in reception.