Campaign details

Brand: Xbox
Client: Microsoft
Agency: McCann London


Challenged with improving controller sales through our online customization site, the Xbox Design Lab, we initially thought the solution was to find the right way to bang our own drum and follow the traditional advertising model. But by developing a clear understanding of our consumers' motivations and lifestyle, we created a new value exchange model. The 'Fanchise Model' turned thousands of gamers into designers and entrepreneurs. It recognised and rewarded the personal investment they made when they designed a controller. With this new model we generated a 350% uplift in sales. But most importantly we found a new way to market personalization services and fulfill the Xbox promise to 'empower gamers to do more'.

The Context

Xbox exists to 'empower gamers to do more'. They have a relentless focus on giving their community of gamers the best experience possible. You see this purpose come to life when you observe the thriving community of gamers that the platform brings together -millions of people escaping into a world of joy, self-expression and adventure. Xbox are always listening to them, looking for ways to improve. This is why the Xbox Design Lab was launched. It's an online controller customisation site, born from the realisation that a small number of gamers in the community had started to customise their controllers. But this group had to rely on their own DIY skills.