Campaign details

Brand: Voxi
Client: Vodafone
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather / Wavemaker


Vodafone had a youth problem. Fourth place in market share, fourth for consideration and fourth for NPS meant the brand was simply not on the radar of UK under 25s. So when Vodafone approached us with a brief to launch a new product to this sceptical audience, we knew we'd have to do things differently. We needed to break free from the 'cold, 'corporate' image that clung to the mother brand.

Taking a leaf from its entrepreneurial 'youthquake' audience - who are rebelling for all the right reasons -Vodafone rebelled from inside its own system to create an autonomous brand, shaking up the entire telco industry with it.

The result is an entirely new bespoke offering: VOXI, the UK's first youth mobile provider. VOXI has redefined how telcos talk to under 25s: the first brand to build 'youth in service of youth' into all strategy and into all activations, the first to launch (and be discovered) 'stories first', and the first brand to deliver always-on, 'Youth Generated Content'.