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Brand: Virgin Atlantic
Client: Virgin Atlantic
Agency: AMV BBDO

Summary Page

We wore a wire for Richard. How physiological product testing brought joy back to Virgin Atlantic.

Virgin Atlantic.

Everyone thinks they know it.

Richard Branson, 'red-hot' cabin crew, full-on make-up, that bar in Upper.

But that was 2009.

What was Virgin in 2018?

How was it relevant for an experience hungry generation?

This is a tale of understanding and translating what makes Virgin, Virgin.

Pitting Virgin against its competitors.

Strategists flying for 110 hours, wired up.

Plotting physiological reactions to competitive airlines.

Behind Virgin's challenger spirit, was there a product to back its bravado?

And could that product experience inspire their first brand campaign in 5 years?

Our tests magnified what was hidden in plain sight.