Campaign details

Brand: Vanish
Client: Reckitt Benckiser
Agency: Havas London


This is a story about reframing brand relevance, not just to keep pace with a changing competitive landscape, but to stand out in a changing world.

There was a time when Vanish owned the stubborn stains conversation and no laundry cupboard was complete without the hot pink tub. But people were falling out of love with Vanish. Penetration was dropping.

At first, we thought this was due to competition: they were buying into generalist detergents' stain claims instead of buying us. Then we discovered a significant behavioural change: when people were faced with a stain too difficult to tackle they simply threw the garment away. In our culture of disposable fashion stubborn stains became a non-issue. This was a problem for Vanish, but it didn't stop there. Fast fashion is fast filling up landfills and putting pressure on resources and our planet.