Campaign details

Brand: Toyota
Client: Toyota Motor Corporation
Agency: The&Partnership

Executive Summary

This paper contains drag queens. But it's not about brand purpose or diversity. It is about brand distinctiveness; casting off longstanding category clichés; and embracing an idea we knew would divide opinion.

In 2018, the Toyota AYGO was coming to the end of its lifecycle and needed a shot in the arm. A brand new AYGO had been revealed and was due in showrooms later that year, so we had to shift the current rows of AYGOs before then, or risk being left with a lot of devalued metal.

It was a simple strategy really - identify the codes of small car advertising, find AYGO's distinctive qualities, and translate those into an idea that cut through big-spending competitors.

In our quest for distinctiveness we ruffled feathers of both the 'bigoted' and the 'woke' alike. Rather than fear this, as many brands would, we saw this as a badge of honour that proved we had really stepped outside of category norms and got noticed.