Campaign details

Brand: timeTo
Client: timeTo
Agency: Lucky Generals


As planners, we all know the dangerous appeal of the safe strategy. The brief that won't get us in trouble.

Working on the timeTo initiative to end sexual harassment in our industry, the pull of that safe option was incredibly strong. After all, this is an issue no one wants to be on the wrong side of.

The safe thing would have been to brief an entertaining campaign that condemned all instances of sexual harassment outright.

A campaign that presented sexual harassment as simple black and white.

This behaviour is never okay.

Nor is that.

Nor is this.


But despite its safety and security, that brief didn't sit right with us.

Because the uncomfortable truth is that this can sometimes feel like a grey area. It can be hard to know what behaviour is and isn't appropriate, and therefore easy for things to gradually slip over from office banter into sexual harassment, even amongst well meaning people.