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Brand: Women's Equality Party
Client: Women's Equality Party
Agency: N/A


"What's Equal Pay Day?"

"Isn't paying people different amounts for the same job illegal?"

"We've just got more women in administrative jobs."

"There aren't many women with the right credentials and depth of experience - the issues covered are extremely complex."

"Most women don't want the hassle or pressure of sitting on a board."

"We already have one woman on the board, so we are done - it is someone else's turn."1

This is what we were up against. In a climate of indifference, disbelief and misunderstanding, we set out to inform and engage, to get people - women and men - to willingly spread a message, to make a stand, to get the gender pay gap truly on the agenda.

This is the story of how we created an ongoing movement with the Women's Equality Party that has reached over 2.6 billion people in just two years, with no media budget, but bravery in its place.