Campaign details

Brand: The Senet Group
Client: The Senet Group
Agency: The Corner


How do you talk to people who don't want to hear from you? At precisely the moment when they least want your message? In a way that will satisfy several CEOs of rival businesses, MPs and a cynical public? When your problem is complex, but you've got just 20% of a poster to work with? In a way that can work for years?

This is the story of the UK's first ever industry-wide responsible gambling campaign.

A campaign John Humphrys on Radio 4 had decried pre-launch in 2014 as "window dressing", but which politicians and charities-alike now laud as "fantastic stuff".

At the heart of its development was a 'gambling panel' of twenty-something men. They taught us to defy the academic convention of measuring problem gambling via lists of behaviours, but instead, to focus on gamblers' emotions.