Campaign details

Brand: KFC
Client: Yum! Brands
Agency: Mother London


This is a paper about how KFC reframed the Ultimate Fast Food Baddie.

It's about finding pride in the product.

It's about knowing what customers really want.

It's about owning and orchestrating a powerful first impression.

It's about not accepting an artificial division between things that sell and things that sell the brand.

Most of all it's about strategy taking on a seemingly impossible challenge with optimism and an open mind.

This is the story of how KFC created the most successful launch of Double Down in any market, with record sales, unprecedented hype and the birth of a new cult icon.

An Inconvenient Brief

KFC was on a journey to completely modernise their brand, in a restaurant market that had been upturned in recent years. Gone was the dichotomy between expensive quality food and cheap fast food and in it's place, customers were spoiled for choice by a raft of exciting, contemporary, cool "fast good" brands, like Pret a Manger, Nandos and Five Guys.