Campaign details

Brand: The Global Fund
Client: The Global Fund
Agency: M&C Saatchi

In Africa, brutal bias against minorities like gays and lesbians costs lives. We proved that prejudice can change fast. Not in decades. Not in years. In weeks.

In a fascinating twist on Thinking Fast and Slow, our work suggests there is an intuitive 'System 1' morality and a deliberative 'System 2' morality that later rationalises our intuitive moral decisions.

We learned that rational arguments for acceptance - such as 'we're all the same inside' - do not work. Instead, we learned to help the biased feel intuitive empathy with minorities. To instinctively see minorities as 'people like us.'

That's because we apply different moral standards to in-groups and out-groups. We can dehumanise and reject an out-group. We apply a different set of moral standards to 'one of us.' So when the biased feel empathy with minorities as fellow people, prejudice melts.