Campaign details

Brand: Smart Energy GB
Client: Smart Energy GB
Agency: AMV BBDO


This is not a simple paper. But then again, the smart meter rollout isn't a simple task.

In fact, it's a pretty tough one. We've even gone as far as to say it's advertising's toughest task.

Why, you might be asking?

Well, this is the story of a communications challenge that requires every adult in Great Britain to take action: to upgrade from a traditional meter, to a smart meter. It's a voluntary action, that requires half a day of their time, without a hard incentive, in an inherently low-interest category.

Our client - Smart Energy GB - sits somewhere between the Government and energy suppliers in the minds of consumers, which is not necessarily helpful for being liked or trusted. And almost every day, prominent publications criticise the rollout for reasons beyond our control.

And yet, we still needed to get half the nation to demand a smart meter over the course of a year.