Campaign details

Brand: SunLife
Client: SunLife
Agency: Mother


When you think financial services for the over 50s, you'd be forgiven for not getting terribly excited.

You'd definitely be forgiven for not assuming 'Ooo! So I'll be seeing beautiful ladies sunbathing, zero gravity snack consumption and badass kung-fu stunts?'

And if we were to say, "Over 50s research" to you, you would absolutely be forgiven for not imagining yourself laughing so hard you nearly wet yourself, having an outer body experience or clinging on for dear life to the back of a motor bike.

In early 2016, SunLife came to Mother with one simple but bold ambition: to become the financial services company for the over 50s market.

This is a paper about getting to know our audience better by making a surprising choice of research vendor. And in so doing, transforming both the SunLife brand and the conversation around later life.