Campaign details

Brand: Audi
Client: Audi
Agency: BBH London / MediaCom London


Vorsprung durch Technik. Three words discovered on the wall of an Audi factory in 1982 that would become one of the most enduring brand ideas in history.

As BBH's founding client, Audi has been with us through shifting political eras, rising and falling economies and an unprecedented technological revolution. It's a journey packed with creative, commercial and strategic highs. The last two decades have been no exception. In fact, Audi transitioned from delivering just half the sales of BMW in 2000 to leading by 2014. No easy feat.

After years of consistent sales growth and world class communication, no-one expected Audi to be able to take another leap forward. But, over the last five years, channelling the meaning of Vorsprung durch Technik, we threw ourselves into remixing an already successful brand to create something extraordinary.