Campaign details

Brand: Pot Noodle
Client: Unilever
Agency: Lucky Generals


Sometimes, a small change in strategy isn't enough. A subtle course correction won't do it. A little nudge isn't up to the task.

Nothing less than a complete about-turn is required.

But if everyone already knows you for one set of values, how do you suddenly declare that you stand for the opposite without looking like an idiot?

That was the question we were forced to ask ourselves when we realised that Pot Noodle's slacker image was diametrically opposed to the aspirations of today's ambitious and motivated 16-24 year olds.

So we borrowed a trick from a 19th Century Italian Acrobat and used Pot Noodle's own momentum (in the form of its speedy product) to flip the brand's positioning on its head.

We pointed out that less time cooking means more time winning, and depicted our users as people who use the time Pot Noodle has saved them to chase their dreams (no matter how weird those dreams might be).