Campaign details

Brand: Plastic Oceans International
Client: Plastic Oceans International
Agency: AMV BBDO

Executive Summary

There is a danger lurking in our oceans.

Lingering out at sea, just beyond our periphery.

A danger which poses a threat to our wildlife, our ecosystems, our way of life, our planet.

Yet it is something that those in power have simply ignored. And despite the devastating effect it is already having, it is far removed from public consciousness.

So working with Plastic Oceans International we set out to find a way to make this threat impossible to ignore. To make sure that 'out-of-sight out-of-mind' became firmly front and centre.

We took those in power to task, using their own tools against them. We made other nations pay attention by infiltrating their ranks. And we galvanised an audience to make the invisible, visible.

This is the story of how we took on the issue of plastic pollution.