Campaign details

Brand: National AIDS Trust
Client: National AIDS Trust
Agency: St Luke's

Executive Summary

This case study shows the National AIDS Trust set about changing attitudes and challenging 30 years of stigma by changing behaviours towards the humble red ribbon.

  • HIV has come a long way from the 80's epidemic but stigma and fear associated with the disease remain, making every day a challenge for those living with the disease.
  • Even the red ribbon was not safe, subject to the same stigma (1 in 5 refused to wear it)
  • In a step change for the charity, the strategy turned to behavioural science to change behaviours towards the ribbon, and by extension, change attitudes towards the disease.
  • Rock the Ribbon set a new tone in the HIV narrative, stretching the tiniest of budgets to cover an online film, a gamified DOOH experience at Europe's largest digital site and a toolkit for corporates and schools to engage with the charity.
  • 60 million people were reached in 5 days and early measures indicate positive behavioural and attitudinal change.