Campaign details

Brand: Lucozade Sport
Client: Lucozade Ribena Suntory (LRS)
Agency: Grey London


Lucozade Sport was a brand crafted in the image of champions. Decades had been spent showing the nation how this isotonic sports drink could help them win. The blood, the sweat and the tears.

And it worked. Lucozade Sport was a category leader and people up and down the nation wanted what they were selling. But as the nation changed, they didn't. As the nation shunned the idea that keeping fit was about getting on a pitch and thrashing the opposition, their liquid gold was being left behind.

But as everyone jumped on the fitness bandwagon, we found a problem at the heart of it. Whilst we looked like a nation obsessed with exercise and personal progress, in reality, people were struggling to even get started.

Exercise itself had lost its feel-good factor, formalised and packaged up in a way that made working out feel like a duty with little emotional reward. To top it off, when people did exercise it often felt intimidating.