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Brand: Lexus
Client: Toyota Motor Corporation
Agency: The&Partnership

The Very Human Summary

This part of the paper is written by a human. I've found my role, at least for the moment.

There may be some mistakes, an AI would call these human error, yet we've not found an equivalent description when it comes to the artificial intelligence that we trained to write a script.

If our experience is anything to go by, the AI (and robots) already know what they are doing. There are few perceptible errors.

This isn't simply a creative paper talking about an experiment in AI and telling you how we did it. In writing it we've realised it raises bigger questions about how we work with AI as creative people. How much control we should give and what we could sacrifice by doing so. We define it as 'technology planning'.

Ironically in Blade Runner year, 2019, it's now time for us to really understand replicants, or at least their AI sisters and brothers.