Campaign details

Brand: IKEA
Client: IKEA
Agency: Mother London / Vizeum

The greatest secret to long-term success? Today.

What defines this paper is not a singular moment of bolt-from-the-blue strategic genius, nor the gestation of a one hit wonder piece of thinking to capture a now (fading) zeitgeist.

Instead this is a portrait of the strategist as a custodian of a brand's best interests long into the future, through constant application in the here and now.

In doing so strategy must help us overcome our biases to focus on big yet fleeting occasions, and instead create change through little, everyday moments.

One might expect the story of The Wonderful Everyday to focus upon the little, everyday strategic decisions that led to the development of some of the UK's most effective and most creative campaigns.

The story of flying t-shirts, beds in the clouds, a lion man, dancing ghosts and a kitchen full of monkeys.