Campaign details

Brand: Gaviscon
Client: Reckitt Benckiser - Health
Agency: Havas


Some things are just too good to say 'no' to.

Like BBQ-glazed ribs and Southern Slaw.

Roast Chicken, with all the trimmings.

Or a second helping of Christmas pudding.

Ask anyone with indigestion, and they'll tell you, in between groans, that they're a victim of short-term thinking. And so, for a time, was Gaviscon.

Tempted by a large, juicy audience that we knew and loved, we'd neglected to recruit the next generation of heartburn sufferers to shore up the brand's future. And if we didn't act fast, other brands would steal our lunch (and any second helpings with it).

We needed to normalise the heartburn problem they didn't want to face up to and put Gaviscon front and centre as the brand of choice in their hour of need.

This is a paper about how we did that.

About how transforming both our thinking and our approach helped deliver a highly unlikely transformation for a mainstream indigestion brand.