Agency: Banks Hoggins O'Shea Author: Steven Hastings

Gardena: growing a brand against new customers



Gardena is Europe's largest manufacturer of gardening equipment. While it has a huge share in Germany and a healthy share in continental Europe, in the UK it is substantially smaller than the leading brand, Hozelock.

In 1994 Gardena decided to advertise to consumers as a way of widening distribution and creating demand for its goods. Gardena presented this plan to Banks Hoggins O'Shea as part of a long-term strategy to build market share.

There was no history of UK advertising to draw upon. For the pitch we had to develop the brand positioning, target audience and advertising strategy from scratch.

Gardena products are distinctly better made than those of the main rival, Hozelock, and instinctively we felt we should base the advertising on product quality. Several obstacles lay in our way, not least the traditional difficulty advertising can have in communicating quality.