GAME: The biggest 2014 Christmas Campaign that you've probably never heard of

Tim Mitchell and Ryan Delehanty

Campaign details

Client: GAME
Agency: 101
Brand: GAME


This is a story of outrageous influence.

Of how a game about Christmas shopping for the retailer GAME, became the biggest Christmas campaign you've probably never heard of.

First, we re-framed GAME's role from being a shop that sold games, to a community of gamers.

Next we gave them a rallying cry: 'We are gamers', galvanising the business to see things through gamers' eyes.

Then we tackled their peak season brief: Christmas. Realising that gamers wouldn't be interested in or even aware of advertising, we created a 300 megabyte advert by releasing a game.

The constraints of a restricted budget forced us to think surgically about how our game would spread. Two key insights informed our strategy:

  1. Gamers like to watch other gamers playing games: a phenomenon called 'Let's Play'
  2. Communities are built through affinity, 'people like me', but they are made stronger by the presence of an 'out-group'.