Campaign details

Brand: FIFA
Client: Entertainment Arts
Agency: adam&eveDDB


FIFA is one of the biggest games in the world and with the launch of FIFA18, we took it to record breaking new levels of success.

Planning realized that the only way to grow was to reach people beyond our core fan base, the 'casual' players that buy the one game a year their friends talk about.

That meant we needed to go beyond traditional advertising - to create a cultural event that made FIFA18 the most talked about game in the world.

Our research into the culture around the game showed us that FIFA had managed to fulfil its goal of replicating the real-world game. In fact, it was starting to go beyond this and influence football in the real world.

From players desperate to improve their FIFA player ratings, to pros picking up new moves from their PlayStation - the flow of culture was shifting. Our strategy was to turn it on its head. We wanted FIFA to change global football culture.