Fiat 500: The motherhood feat

Malcolm White


This story has it all.

Sex. Well, the consequences of it

Drugs. Ok, more likely to be Calpol.

And controversy. Was the idea of 'The Motherhood feat. 500L' a rip-off of Toyota USs' 'Swagger Waggon'?

We'll exclusively reveal the truth here for the first time.

Planning had the idea of telling the truth about the lives of those that we hoped would be interested in the Fiat 500L. We used heavy academic theory not to show-off but to give us the confidence that what we were hearing in focus groups should be something we listened to and acted upon, even though it meant junking what, at first, seemed like the right strategy.

Along the way, we think that we may have just come up with a different way for brands to advertise virally. We have certainly reminded ourselves, and hopefully our readers, that target audience truths shouldn't just get left behind in the target audience section of the brief. They really can be the subject of the ad.