Campaign details

Brand: Ella’s Kitchen
Client: Ella’s Kitchen
Agency: Havas


This is the story of how Ella's broke the rules of FMCG marketing.

With a new owner, and a limited marketing budget of just £345k, Ella's needed to continue to deliver 10% annual growth. With more and more competitors imitating Ella's and a declining market, it didn't look good...

The usual levers for FMCG growth weren't available to us. So we needed to revert to Ella's founding spirit and break the rules. We did this by turning what should have been a disadvantage into an advantage.

Every year we had a constantly refreshing audience. Which meant that we actually didn't need to constantly refresh our comms… We just needed to provide content that would make ourselves essential to every new mum & dad. So we decided to stop selling products and start supporting parents.