Campaign details

Brand: ellaOne
Client: HRA Pharma
Agency: Havas London

Why is it that when a man sleeps around, he's called a 'stud', but when a woman does the same, she's a 'slut'?

Women are still judged for their choices - from how we dress, to the actions we take. Even when those decisions are responsible choices, like taking the morning after pill.

Alarmingly, while 90% of women were aware of the morning after pill, only 40% were taking it after unprotected sex*, even though they didn't want to get pregnant.

Shamefully, advertising was perpetuating the stigma by showing women who were judged, alone, and suicidal.

We needed to right this wrong.

We needed one idea that could work in 75 different markets (and transcend cultural sensitivities around sex).

And we had three days to crack it, with an international team of creatives who had never met.