Campaign details

Brand: E45
Client: E45
Agency: Havas London

Executive summary

Some time, a long time ago, E45 was cutting edge in skincare.

Fast forward 67 years, to an era where Gwynnie's Goop and Korean-Beauty 10 step routines rule.

Where complexity is King and we're perpetually chasing the next big thing.

The times had changed, but E45 hadn't.

We were back of the bathroom cabinet, not seen or touched in years. Sales were plummeting.

We needed to find a way to evolve to avoid extinction.

It was time to dust off the cobwebs and take a look inside grandma's tub to find what was relevant today.

We asked ourselves - sure the times had changed, but had skin?

The short answer was no. Skin hasn't changed much for over 2 million years.

We spoke to consumers - was complexity what they wanted or needed? Again, no. They were screaming for simplicity.