Campaign details

Brand: Creature of London
Client: Dan Shute, Ben Middleton, Stu Outhwaite, Andrew Gibson
Agency: Creature of London


At its heart, this is a paper about real transformation requiring you to put your neck on the line. A paper about truly understanding the gamble inherent in even the most rigorous strategy.

But it's a paper that starts with two conflicting internal turmoils:

On the one hand, the voice that says 'what impact am I actually making, and am I actually in control?' On the other, the voice that says 'why are we not being adequately rewarded for the impact we have?'

The solution: identify an opportunity, put your chips on the table, and back your strategy with your own money. Not as a vanity project, but as a genuine effort to transform your business.

And that's exactly what we did. We transformed ourselves from a Creative Agency to a Creative Company, took £1,000,000 at the box office, got nominated for an Olivier, and learned a whole lot about the life of a client along the way.