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Brand: CoppaFeel!
Client: CoppaFeel!
Agency: Fold7


When it comes to breast cancer, the power is in our hands

CoppaFeel!'s mission is to stamp out late detection and misdiagnosis of breast cancer amongst young women (18 - 35 year olds), who are more likely to go to the dentist, weigh themselves or get their eyes tested, than check their breasts.

In the 'pink fog' of breast cancer awareness, the strategic approach was to shift the focus to the other part of the body involved in self-checking: our hands. When you think about it, our hands and our touch tells us a lot. Whether our avocado is ripe. How hot our bath is. How soft that puppy is. We instinctively touch things to learn more about them, because each one of our fingertips is super sensitive. So by touching, feeling, fondling, stroking and squeezing we can detect any changes, and care for our breasts. There's no right or wrong way, it's just important to trust your touch.