Campaign details

Agency: Karmarama


Entering 2018, had gone from founder and sole player in the UK price comparison business, to fourth in the market on every measure. We'd stemmed the decline with a campaign aimed at differentiating the brand, but there was an impenetrable ceiling to what it could achieve.

We knew that if we really wanted to grow the business, we needed to address the giant elephant in the room: our own brand name.

Whilst had successfully created a flourishing category from scratch, its success had been a double-edged sword. In 16 years, the brand had gone from serving a resounding unmet need, to being one of many in an established category. And in a market where top-of-mind reigns supreme, people were simply no longer feeling - or thinking - 'confused'.

Instead, when insurance renewal time came around, they were thinking 'compare', 'money' and 'market'. Suddenly, had become far more synonymous with a problem than the solution. Worse still, it was a wave of newer, more aptly-named competitors that stood to gain.