Campaign details

Brand: Britain's Beer Alliance
Client: Britain's Beer Alliance
Agency: Havas London

Let's talk about government taxation. Said no one ever.

Instead, let's talk about the great British pub.

Hopefully now I have your attention. In fact I can say with 90% certainty that I have your attention because 9 out 10 Brits go to the pub1.

Fact: We all love the pub.

Even if you're that one person who doesn't go to the pub, you probably love the pub.

Why? Because the pub is more than a drinking establishment. The pub is a symbol of our national identity, woven into the fabric of British culture. It's the heart of every town, the soul of our country.

Another fact: Three pubs close their doors for good every day2.

Punitive tax regimes continue to threaten our beer & pub industry. Our Communities. Our Culture. Our identity.